Spice Up Your Fitness Life

Try these other activities I recommend aside from your regular workouts and you are guaranteed to work muscles you thought you never had. 

Speaking from absolute experience, every time I indulge in each of these activities below, my body feels like I’m a beginner in fitness. Which is of course a good thing, because getting stuck in the same workout splits can cause plateaus. You got to switch up your exercise choices and your location.  Plus, the gym scene can be a bit mundane; your body will appreciate something new to shock your system. 

If you’re afraid of heights, I dare you to go rock climbing. It’s a extreme adrenaline rush and challenges your entire body. I myself am terrified of heights, so I refrain from looking down as I climb to the top, and once I get to the top it’s absolute victory. With rock climbing you have to pull yourself up with each grip and your feet are under much constant pressure dorsiflexion/plantar flexion majority of the climb. You will need to use your upper body strength and leg strength to reach the top. The level of difficulty is contingent on the climb you choose. So you can start easy first and then work your way to a more intense climb. Listen, when I tell you that your delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) will be crazy 24-48 hours after rock climbing; I’m not exaggerating. You may feel most of your soreness on your latissimus dorsi and biceps from pulling yourself upward with your grips and your quadriceps and calves from being on the edge of the thin rocks. I get inflammation in my feet after climbing, but its nothing a tennis ball can’t fix. Just roll and press your foot back and forth against a tennis ball to decrease the inflammation. Not only is rock climbing fun but it’s also mentally stimulating. I tend to imagine being in a life or death situation when climbing and the only thing that can save me is my persistence. If I give up, I die. Talk about a real challenge. Rock climbing will have you feeling like you completed a super intense HIIT workout. 


Another activity to try is tennis. Tennis involves lots of running, jumping and speed. Playing tennis is a great activity to improve your endurance and agility. It amazes me on how much I sweat with this activity and all of the running really gets me winded. It feels great playing tennis outside and I am always humbled on how well I can or can not keep up with my opposing player. My DOMS experience after tennis is mostly in my gluteus medius from running/jumping laterally, my obliques by the lateral hits while holding the racket and my shoulder muscles. It literally feels like I hit a new deadlift  PR after a few hours played of tennis. Last time I played my glutes were sore for 4 -5 days as if I never had a leg day in my life. And of course my right forearm muscle is pretty sore from hitting the ball over the net. A nice stretch can help with the soreness by laying supine on a mat, bringing your knee to your chest while doing your best to keep your other leg flat on the mat. Then slowly turning your knee internally for a few seconds and then abducting your hip while keeping your knee bent. Completing this stretch for a few repetitions on each side can help your muscles relax. Having someone assist with short soft tissue stretching, called proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), could be even more helpful versus stretching autonomously. 


Last one I have for you to get out the gym a bit is to take a hike. Pull up google and search parks near you that have hiking trails. It’s not simply walking on a flat surface, you may encounter steep hills and will need to put your legs to work. If the distance is lengthy, your lower extremity is in for fatigue. What I like most about hikes is the scenery. Taking in the art of the trees, ponds and the blue sky. It’s important to stay hydrated on hikes and wear proper shoes that are sustainable against rocks and constant ground level changes. The next day or so, you will feel most of your soreness in your claves, quads, hammies and glutes.






So, go ahead and try something different and feel different. Be spontaneous and take on a new challenge to stimulate your mind and body. I look forward to finding other activities to do that will break down tissue positively without involving a dumbbell or barbell each time. If I’m feeling sore ( not pain ) after a activity outside the gym, I’m allowing my body to become more metabolically demanding. Comment below and tell me what you recommend other than the gym scene for exercise. 

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