What To Do If Your Trainer Is On Vacation Or Out Sick?

A client’s worst fear could be how to stay active if their trainer is out of the gym for a few days or even a few weeks. A coach or personal trainer shows up to help clients with their fitness goals on a regular basis during the week. However, just like everybody else, your trainer has a life too and they also may have unexpected things that come up which could interfere with your sessions. So generally, what could a client do to stay active during the absence of a trainer?


Calisthenics is a good way to target multiple muscle groups with no equipment involved. Calisthenics include exercises like pushups, tricep dips, mountain climbers, squats, pull ups, crunches and more. All of these movements are using the weight of your body and can challenge your strength and endurance. You can perform anywhere between 12-15 reps for each exercise for 3-4 rounds. The goal is to perform until fatigue.

Go outside for a brisk walk or jog. Its always beneficial to get some fresh air and take in the nature around us, especially if most of your sessions with your trainer are inside a gym. Forms of aerobics outside can improve your endurance and oxygen consumption, which help sustainability within workout sessions. Plus, there’s not much planning to do with sets and reps for cardio, just get outside and go.

Borrow another trainer for the time being. See if another trainer at the gym has availability for drop ins or gather a group of likeminded people to work out with you. Another trainer temporarily can introduce you to a different training style. Tell them what your goals are and allow them to create a circuit you can perform. If you can’t locate another trainer, a partner will do and you can work together to create a circuit.

Another option is to simply to nothing. An extended recovery time isn’t a bad thing. It has been known that you could come back better than ever after taking some time off from the gym. All strength gains will not diminish in a couple of weeks. You would actually lose your aerobic fitness sooner than your strength. Talking about a loss in days with decreased aerobics compared to about a month with strength loss. With that being said, you can keep moving but you don’t have to go all in while your trainer is out.

I hope this gave you insight on what to do without your trainer for a bit. I know it can be difficult to have to add another task when you may already have a busy life. Going to a trusted trainer can relieve a lot of stress when it comes to accomplishing your fitness goals. Just remember we all have a life to enjoy outside the gym and things do come up. What’s most important to remember, is to never give up on fitness.

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